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Hoarding is considered an anxiety disorder, and it happens due to a deep-seated conviction in the mind that everything has to be retained at all costs. But even your loved one with hoarding behaviors can become overwhelmed. When this happens, you need to be prepared to approach the situation with compassion, empathy, and understanding. You also need to be ready with help from professional clean-out services in Butler, PA to get rid of the discarded items quickly and prevent them from returning to the home.

Expect Some Resistance From Your Loved One

You recognize the dangers that your loved one is putting themselves into, but it’s common for them to think they’re protecting their possessions from loss. A caregiver needs to recognize the fact that hoarding is difficult to resolve, and they will push back against reasonable suggestions to let things go. Your job as a caregiver is to find ways to inspire small actions that improve their living situation and health.

Be Gentle but Firm

The worst thing you can do is to confront your loved one with an ultimatum about cleaning up their home. As frustrating as it may be, it’s better to guide a hoarder to decide without making them feel boxed in. Appeal to their common sense, especially when there are issues that are detrimental to their health and need to be resolved quickly. If they can’t let go of something, ask them if they can accept placing it elsewhere in a safe location for the short term.

Don’t Push Too Hard

You do need to be firm and draw lines when necessary, but only when necessary. Your loved one’s mind is under constant pressure, and adding more only serves to make them shut down. Check in with them regularly to make sure they’re doing OK, ask if things are becoming overwhelming, and if they need a break or to quit for the day.

Let the Hoarder Take the Lead

It is difficult to let a hoarder dictate the pace of cleaning, especially when they’re living in hazardous conditions. However, it’s better to let the hoarder sort things at their own pace and let them retain control of their possessions. Hoarders also tend to change their minds when least expected, especially when they’re indecisive about letting things go. Let them set the pace, let them be indecisive, and have them put aside items they’re unsure of for a later decision. It takes the pressure off them and makes it easier for them to let go.

Getting Help With a Hoarding Clean-Up

The amount of work needed to clean up a hoarding situation can be overwhelming and stressful. At Pennsylvania Hoarding, we’re a hoarder cleaning service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that understands the challenges you face with a hoarder. We can help you with the emotional and practical aspects of cleaning out a hoarder’s home and help restore the house into a home once again.