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Many people collect things, from baseball cards to figurines. But when does collecting become hoarding? And how do we know the difference? If you’ve wondered about this, you aren’t alone. We’ll describe some basic breakdowns to help you know when an accumulation of stuff becomes a problem.

Anytime you need a discreet and caring hand to reduce your clutter or clear out a hoarding habit, we provide hoarding cleaning services in Upper Darby, PA, and beyond.


The main goal of collecting is gathering items that bring joy or may generate future income. A healthy collector may have a lot of things in their home, but these items don’t impede living space. The clutter presents no danger.

Some people may not understand or even like another person’s collections, but if the items are safely organized in larger sets, then those items are part of a collection. This is not usually an example of hoarding.

Not all collectors become hoarders.


Hoarding happens when the number of items in the home gets out of control and begins impeding the living space. Clutter is not usually the main problem in a hoarder’s home. Instead, things have gone well past the level of clutter and become a serious problem.

Hoarding is unorganized and prevents day-to-day functions in certain rooms or in the entire home. The clutter is more than a simple “mess,” and it has made normal behavior difficult or impossible.

Not all hoarders were once collectors.

Things to Remember

It is important to remember that all collectors and hoarders are people. It is our privilege to help our clients overcome their struggles with clutter or hoarding. We focus on providing discreet, efficient service with the following things in mind:

  • Most people give up because the project feels too overwhelming. That’s why professional services are so important.
  • Though collectors may not have a hoarding problem, they may still need help organizing their clutter.
  • Hoarders deserve caring treatment to get their lives back.
  • Clients who are seeking help for a loved one or an estate deserve professional care throughout the process.

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